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A C2PC Card with a standard C2PC-ID costs A$33 per year.

C2PC Cards with premium C2PC-IDs start at A$110 per year. Premium C2PC-ID pricing is as follows:

  • bronze premium C2PC-ID - A$110 per year;
  • silver premium C2PC-ID - A$275 per year;
  • gold premium C2PC-ID - A$550 per year; and
  • platinum premium C2PC-ID - A$1100 per year - these ID's include 3 character IDs and highly memorable and short words like +agent, +sales, +loan and the names of capital cities.
When you chose a C2PC-ID we will inform you whether it is a premium or standard ID and what its cost is.

Corporate Accounts

Corporate accounts with C2PC are also available. These accounts provide:

  • C2PC technology under your own domain name - eg. acme.com/+abc;
  • custom interface development to allow periodic or automatic synchronisation with your corporate directory database or server.
If you are interested in a corporate account send an email to corporate@c2pc.com or use the online form and one of our sales consultants will call you to discuss your needs.


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