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Joining C2PC - Introduction
Joining C2PC is quick and easy.

You can join C2PC in four easy steps. Joining should take less than 10 minutes.

Step 1 - provide your contact details

Step 2 - choose your C2PC-ID

You can either chose your own C2PC-ID or have us generate a very short 4 character random ID. If you decide to choose your own ID it can be anything from 3 to 16 characters long. Some of these IDs are more expensive because they have the advantage of being either extremely short or extremely memorable.

Step 3 - pay for your C2PC Card

To get you up and running as quickly as possible we allow you to pay for your C2PC Card by credit card online. C2PC Cards start at A$33 per year. C2PC Cards with premium IDs start at A$110 per year.

Step 4 - complete your contact details

Our business card wizard will take you through the information that you can provide online for your clients. You can include everything on your business card and much more if you wish.


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